The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) strives to raise awareness about the social exclusion of female, male and transgender sex workers in Europe, to promote the human and civil rights of all sex workers at national, regional and global levels and to create strong alliances between sex workers, allies and other civil society organisations. The ICRSE maintains strong links with existing sub-regional, regional and global networks, supports the further development of nascent groups and networks of sex workers and provides a platform for the voices of sex workers in Europe to be heard in local, regional and global policy debates.

Aims of ICRSE

The main aims of the ICRSE foundation are to bring sex workers and their allies together on a European and international level:

  • to further the social acceptance and respect for sex workers.
  • to promote their civil and human rights.
  • to organise the support of allies.

The ICRSE Network includes individual sex workers, sex worker organisations as well as allies and ally organisations that are working in the areas of migrant, human, and labour rights, especially those who include the recognition and promotion of sex worker rights as part of their agenda. Further to the general aims of the ICRSE foundation the aims of the ICRSE Network established at the Brussels conference are to:

  • Promote the sharing of information that will work for the rights of sex workers, help future collective activism, improve our ability to respond effectively to local situations and continue the promotion of positive images.
  • facilitate the linking of sex worker activism and politics to the activism and politics being done by other organizations at the local, national and international levels.

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