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Organising Committee

Organisation Committee of the European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration 2005

  • Anita Mangala, Germany
  • Anna Konakova, Infoshare, Russia
  • Giulia Garofalo, Italy/UK (Recorder)
  • Jesper Bryngemark, Sweden
  • Laura Agustín, Spain/UK
  • Licia Brussa, Tampep International Foundation, The Netherlands
  • Marie Louise Janssen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Marieke van Doorninck, The Netherlands (Coordination)
  • Marianne Jonker, Vakwerk/De Rode Draad, The Netherlands
  • Marjan Sax, The Netherlands
  • Marjan Wijers, The Netherlands
  • Petra Timmermans, the Netherlands (Coordination)
  • Pye Jakobson, ROSEA (Swedish sex workers rights organisation), Sweden
  • Ruth Morgan Thomas, UK Network of Sex Work Projects, UK (Chair)
  • Vladimir Mogylnyi, Infoshare, Russia

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