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Purchase or download the report: Sex Workers' Rights and DVD

Available for purchase!

The fabulous full-colour 115 page "Sex Workers Rights: Report on the European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration" (2005) and the "Ni Coupables, Ni Victimes" DVD by Sexyshock/ICRSE (37min).

“Sex Workers’ Rights is beautiful and persuasive because it features you. Your contributions— thoughts, words, visions and work from some of the most experienced and influential voices in the sex-worker-rights movement — make this historic event fruitful. This comprehensive record shows how we can assist our sisters and brothers in their efforts to organise, and gain for themselves recognition of their human and labour rights. Thank you for your dedication, patience, faith, perseverance and volunteer labour. Congratulations is in order!”
From the afterword by A. Sorfleet (editor)

PDF version here (14 mb)

Also available is “Ni Coupables Ni Victimes” a fabulous recording from the SexyShock video booth and the Brussels Red Umbrella street demonstration. This DVD is a collaborative project of Betty, Scarlot Harlot and the ICRSE.

View the online version here hosted on and available in English, French and Spanish






"Sex Workers Rights" full colour 115 page report (including shipping)
Within Europe:  15 EUR
Outside Europe:  20 EUR

"Ni Coupables, ni victimes" DVD
Everywhere 10 EUR


Payments may be made by bank transfer to:

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IBAN NL82ABNA0458602086
Swift Number (BIC) ABNANL2A

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Proceeds generated will go towards further translations of "Ni Victimes, Ni Coupables" and "Sex Workers Rights Report"

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