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Organisational Structure

ICRSE Board:

Kate McGrew, Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, Ireland, Co-Convenor

Sabrina Sanchez, APROSEX, Spain, Co-Convenor

Maxime Maes, UTSOPI, Belgium, Treasurer

Borce Bozinov, STAR STAR, Macedonia

Kemal Ordek, Kirmizi Semsiye, Turkey


ICRSE Staff:

Luca Stevenson, Coordinator

Yigit Aydin, Administration and Finance Officer

Boglarka Fedorko, Campaign and Advocacy Officer

Anstacia Ryan, Health Officer


Organisational Structure

Legal Status

ICRSE is legally constituted organisation registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Dossier number 34216253), and recognised by the tax department as a not-for-profit organisation (Stichting International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe, fiscal number 8141.42.643).


The membership of ICRSE is open to individuals and organisations of both sex workers and allies living and working in Europe. The Criteria for membership are as follows:


Recognise sex work as work

Support sex worker self-organising

Oppose criminalization of sex work

Endorsement of the Declaration and the Manifesto.


To become a member you must make an application through our website. All new applicants must be approved by at least two current members.


Management Structure

There is a Board and Executive Committee drawn from Board members. Both of these bodies require a majority of sex workers. Because of the international nature of ICRSE, with members living in different countries, the Board maintains an internal email list and the bulk of communication happens through using ICT tools. The Co-Convenors and Treasurer of ICRSE work closely with the Coordinator.



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