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Glasgow international day to end violence against sex worker

Monday, December 17, 2012 - 19:00 to 23:00

MARK AND CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL DAY TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST SEX WORKERS with a night of film, talks, talk, music and solidarity.

FILM (short films x2)
TALKS from sex workers and from academics
TALK hang out with your awesome friends; make new awesome friends
MUSIC late night djs.

Join us to say that violence against sex workers is never okay; that we reject the stigmatising language that diminishes our humanity and makes greater our vulnerability to assault, whether that language comes from the State, from feminism, or from the ignorance that positions us as Other. You know we're your family, your friends, your frenemies, and your cat-sitters. We're here, we're a community - and we're part of yours - and violence against us is never okay. Let's say so with both fun things and seriousness.


[Housekeeping: Sex work is work. Violence is violence. We know the difference.

December 2012

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