Non-profit status required information

1 Name of organisation:

The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe.

2. De tax nummer


3. Contact adress

ICRSE Headquarters,Van Diemenstraat 194

1013 CP, Amsterdam, Nederland

Email address:

info [at] sexworkeurope [dot] org


+31 (0) 20 693 1300

4. Composition of Board.

The names of the current members are available here.

5. Policy plan.

Our policy aims are to challenge policy and legislative barriers that prevent the fulfilment of sex workers’ human and labour right and to establish ICRSE as an influential body in European policy forums.

5. Remuneration policy:

ICRSE is a non-profit organisation supported by staff and volunteers. Staff are employed on free-lance basis.

6. Goal of organisation

ICRSE's policy goals are to build a movement of and for sex workers in Europe – building capacity for activism and advocacy and to create a sustainable organisation providing leadership in European sex worker activism.

7. Annual report 

8. The financial audit report.

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