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Nomination Process for New Members

ICRSE accepts both individual and organisational applications. Organisations who wants to become a member of ICRSE must be approved by ICRSE board and applications of individuals must be approved by current members. Below you will find information about the steps we take with new member applications.

  • All new members must register through the sexworkeurope.org website.
  • Current members may feel free to encourage individuals and organisations to join the ICRSE network
  • Applications of individuals with relevant information will be sent to the ICRSE network mailing list for member approval
  • Two current members must approve any new member application within 3 days - [also known as seconding]
  • Objections may be raised but must be done within 3 days.
  • Administration  will let applicants know the result of their application.
  • Administration will add all new members to the ICRSE Network mailing list and send out a welcome email.

As a reminder all members, current and new, must:

  • Agree to membership criteria - including endorsing the Declaration and Manifesto, the founding documents of the ICRSE.
  • Agree to our Privacy Policy.

And provide helpful answers to the following required questions at registration:

  • Tell us something about yourself, or your organisation
  • "Sex Worker Rights Links" (briefly tell us what connection you have to the sex worker rights movement in your country or if you are not yet connected how would you like to get more involved?)
  • Indicate the country where you live and work in Europe, Central East Europe or Central Asia

If you know an ICRSE member let them know you are applying and ask them to support your application!

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