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France: “Putains de rencontres” and launch of collective insurance for sex workers in Marseille

From 1st to 3rd June, 150 sex workers from all over France and neighbouring countries gathered to shares tools and experiences, debate, participate in workshops and exchanges.

The event was organised by STRASS, the French sex workers’ trade union and ICRSE member, and took place in the “Théatre de l’Oeuvre”. 

Discussions took place on trade union organising, whore feminism, law reforms in Europe, or how to improve health and safety. Some workshops were very practical on photography shootings and advertising, while others were more theoretical. During the evenings were screened films made by sex workers, and the theatre was used to show performances by artist sex workers.

At that occasion, a collective of artist sex workers was launched, and the creation of a mutualised health insurance for sex workers was announced. The 'mutuelle' is a new collective insurance that will allow sex workers a better cover of their medical expenses as well as an income to compensate the lack of sick leaves. It is a first step for sex workers' social protection in France organised by sex workers for sex workers.

On the last day, STRASS organised a protest in Marseille with participation of sex workers, sex workers' rights activists and allies demanding to arrest authors of attacks against sex workers instead of their clients.



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