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ICRSE Membership Agreement

The ICRSE Network:

The ICRSE Network enables us to celebrate our successes, challenge and campaign against injustices, communicate and collaborate and share information. The ICRSE Network is made up of individuals and organisations living or working in Europe, Central East Europe or Central Asia, who have experience as a sex worker, or work closely with sex workers and who also understand the diverse reality of sex work

To join the network you are required to endorse the following criteria:

  • Recognise sex work as work
  • Support sex worker self-determination and self-organising
  • Oppose the criminalisation of sex work

and you are required to read and endorse the Declaration of the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe and the Sex Workers in Europe Manifesto.

How do I Join?

It's easy! Register online here

This information will be considered by our members before your membership is confirmed.

If you represent an organisation, the organisation name will be listed on the ICRSE website on our members page.

We welcome contributions to our mailing list or website in any language! However, most communications are in english at this time.

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