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Austria: Red Edition joins the Rainbow Parade 2017

On Saturday 17th of June, members and supporters of Red Edition, the migrant sex workers' rights organisation and ICRSE member, joined the Pride Parade in Vienna. Sex workers' participation in the pride under Red Edition's umbrellas was crucial in enhancing the visibilities of sex workers within LGBTQ+ communities. The Rainbow Parade attracts tens of thousands of people each year and Red Edition mentioned that 2017 parade was the biggest one with more than 150.000 people participating.

"Vienna Pride 2017 was a historic moment for Pride, for sex workers in Vienna, and especially for us at Red Edition. Organizing and participating in pride was vital in reminding the public that many LGBTQ+ folks are also sex workers and that many sex workers are LGBTQ+ and that only through solidarity can equality be truly achieved for both movements. We are at Red Edition working creatively and quickly to make the voices of migrant sex workers heard. We look forward to make big steps for the rights of sex workers!" - Cocoa

"I felt so proud when I walked because we are proud and have a honorable profession. Also I walked with my Kurdish, Gay, Alewit and sex worker identity. It was very nice to walk on behalf of the alienated identities. Plus, I was very happy to watch people wondering when I was shouting slogans like 'Sex work is work'. - Darin

"The reason for participating in the Vienna Pride was that we wanted to raise our voices in community where we also belong, LGBTQ+ community! Raising the visibility of sex workers is one of Red Edition's aims! Also I want to add that this event was big step for our organization, it is a struggle to organize everything and at the end, we are proud and ready for next challenges!"
- Trajche


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