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Call for action: tell your Member of European Parliament to reject the criminalisation of clients!


Please click here or read below for more info on our campaign to the European Parliament. Take action now!

The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe -ICRSE-, 549 NGOs and cicil society organisations as well as 45 researchers  are asking the Members of European Parliament to reject the report on prostitution and sexual exploitation which recommends the criminalisation of clients of sex workers.


The European Parliament’s Committee on Gender Rights and Women’s Equality, FEMM, has approved a report that will be up for European Parliament vote on 27 February 2014 that recommends criminalising clients of sex workers. The exact wording is “Urges the Member States to evaluate the positive effects of criminalising the purchase of sexual services on reducing prostitution and trafficking, with a view to changing their legislation”.

(full report here:


Why do we oppose this report?

Sex workers, our organisations and many international organisations, including World Health Organisation and UNAids have spoken about the detrimental effects of the criminalisation of our clients. Not only this repressive measure has been ineffective in its main aim (reducing prostitution) but it has also led to an increase in stigma and discrimination which are the root causes of violence against sex workers.

We also condemn the lack of evidence and research sustaining this report. Policies and resolutions, particularly those affecting vulnerable communities should be based on evidence and serious research, not on flawed methodolgy and ideology. Using biased statistics and debunked researches, instead of consulting us and our organisations, is a form of contempt and silencing. We will not accept this.

What can you do?

For individuals and organisations, you can support our campaign by emailing your Member of European Parliament (MEP) asking them to reject the FEMM report on prostitution and sexual exploitation on thr 27th of February. You can also sign our petition.

For organisations, you can endorse our letter to MEPs by emailing info [at] sexworkeurope [dot] org.

You can also download and use our "Advocacy and activism tool kit against the criminalisation of clients" which includes worksheet such as The Evidence which include many references against the Swedish Model.

Click on this page to find all relevant information about this campaign and here for our letter to Members of European Parliament. Our statement has been translated in 6 langauges. Click on the folowing links for:


Click here for the statement against the FEMM report from the Global Network on Sex Work projects.

Click here for the statement against the FEMM report by the German Women Council.

For any information, question and suggestion, please email info [at] sexworkeurope [dot] org



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