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December 17: Launch of 10 years report on sex workers' rights in Europe and Central Asia

To mark the 12th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers and to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Declaration on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe, the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) is publishing a report on 10 years of sex workers' rights activism and advocacy in Europe and Central Asia.

This report identifies the main trends affecting sex workers in the region. In particular, it explores the increased criminalisation of sex work, targeting either sex workers, clients or third parties; the continued conflation of sex work, migration and trafficking; and the criminalisation of "vulnerabilities" and poverty. Each of these trends increase the vulnerability of sex workers to violence, including physical, psychological, sexual and structural violence and limit their access to health and justice.

The report also explores the development of the sex workers' rights movement in the region with examples of sex workers-led organisations and the growing support for sex workers' rights in civil society and academia.

The report was launched on the 30th of November in the European Parliament with sex workers, representatives of civil society, academics and Members of the European Parliament (see programme here.) 

Click on the cover below for the full report.



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