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Hungary: Sex workers' rights workshop banned from Budapest pride.

On 24th of June 2016, ICRSE co-ordinated a workshop with SWAN, Transvanilla (Hungarian trans rights organsation) and SZEXE (Hungarian sex workers' rights organisation) untitled "Invisibility, exclusion and stigma: sex workers' voices should matter."

This workshop was first proposed by Transvanilla and SZEXE for the Budapest pride week. Following a refusal by Budapest Pride to welcome LGBT sex workers, the Hungarian organisations and regional networks ICRSE and SWAN decided to hold an alternative event with the support of Association of Hungarian Women and Amnesty International.

The panels featured the voices of LGBT sex workers from sex workers' organisations Sloboda Prava (Serbia), STAR STAR (Macedonia), SZEXE, ICRSE and SWAN as well as allies from Transvanilla, Amnesty International and Association of Hungarian Women.

The event attracted a lot of media attention and sparked discussions in local feminist and LGBTQIA circles about exclusionary practices.


The Sex Workers workshop that was banned from Budapest Pride 2016


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