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ICRSE condemns the rape and assault of LGBT activist Kemal Ordek and calls for an end to violence against trans sex workers.

ICRSE is deeply saddened and angered to learn of a violent attack against LGBT and sex worker activist Kemal Ordek, founder of Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Organization as well as her mistreatment by the Turkish police.

Violence against trans people in Turkey is extremely high with a recorded  37 murders in Turkey between January 2008 and December 2014. Violence against trans sex workers worldwide is a well known phenomenon. Transgender Europe recently published an infographic highlighting that at least 65% of murdered trans people whose profession was known were sex workers
However, trans sex workers who survive can not access justice due to stigmatisation and to discrimination by the authorities, who are often the authors of the violence in the first place.
We urge the Turkish authorities to do everything in their power to fight against violence against trans sex workers. 
We also demand that the LGBT movement stop excluding LGBT sex workers.  ICRSE is hopeful that the LGBT movement, following successes in regards to marriage equality, will now focus on addressing violence and criminalisation of trans people. But this conversation can not take place without trans sex workers. 

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