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ICRSE joins ILGA Europe Conference with speaker, art show and workshop.

For the fourth consecutive year, ICRSE joined ILGA Europe Confernece in Waraw, Poland, November 2017.

This year, the needs and demands of LGBTQI sex workers took a more prominent position as ILGA Europe continue to become more inclusive of people often ignored by the LGB movement , in particular, trans and non-binary people, Roma, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

ICRSE Coordinator Luca Stevenson joined Jonny Dzhibladze - Activist from Coming Out, coordinator of the Trans* Mission program and Monitoring Program and Alice Coffin - lesbian and feminist activist and a co-founder of European Lesbian* Conference.

on the first panel of the Conference, titled ‘Real Change for Real People’ and moderated by Dino Suhonic, Executive Director, Maruf Foundation - International platform for queer Muslims (The Netherlands). You can watch the video here.

ICRSE also supported the Queer Sex Worker Art Show at the Conference with performances from sex workers’ rights activist and artists such as Maxime Maes, Marianne Chargois, Alice Therik and Mim Aum Neko. The Show was very well received with the whole audience erupting in collective cry of ’Sex work is Work!’ during the finale. You can watch the video of the session and much more media about ICRSE presence at ILGA Europe conference here.

Finally, ICRSE also facilitated / coordinated a workshop on the inclusion of sex workers in the LGBTQI movement with presentations and discussion with ICRSE Board member and Kirmizi Semsiye co-founder, Kemal Ordek (Turkey), Dinah de Riquet-Bonsca, Proud, Dutch Union For Sex Workers, Ruth Baldacchino, Astrea Foundation and Vick Virtu, MIT, Italy. The workshop was an opportunity for ILGA members to inform themselves on the issues of LGBTQI sex workers and on the practical steps needed to become more sex worker-inclusive. The workshops was moderated by Yuri Guaiana, Board member of ILGA-Europe who announced the resolution of ILGA Europe to further support LGBTQI sex workers and the decriminalisation of sex worker with a policy to be launched by the next conference in 2018.



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