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ICRSE launches new resource 'Understanding sex work as work: a brief guide for labour rights activists'

1st of May is the International Workers’ Day, marked by numerous sex worker organisations all around the world.

While exploitative arrangements, unfair workplace practices and bad working conditions are common in sex work, they are neither unique to nor uniform across sex industries. Exploitation and unjust treatment of workers of any profession are prevalent in the majority of labour markets within the global capitalist system, as is the increasingly growing precarisation of work.

But among all those selling their labour power, sex workers are denied recognition as workers and either directly or indirectly criminalised. If sex workers are to enjoy fair and just working conditions and the ability to defend themselves against exploitation, sex work needs to be fully decriminalised and treated as legitimate economic activity.

To mark Mayday 2017, ICRSE is launching a new resource ‘Understanding sex work: a brief guide for labour rights activists’. This briefing paper, the fourth in our Intersection series, is intended as an introduction to sex workers’ rights from a labour rights perspective. The resources can be used as an advocacy tool for trade unionists and labour rights activists, including sex workers’ rights activists.

To download a printable version, click here.

To download and read the e-version, click on the cover below:


To download the poster ‘7 steps to make labour rights organisation sex workers inclusive’, click on the poster below:

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