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The Netherlands' sex workers and activists denounce proposed flawed research

"On November 27, 2014 the Dutch Lower House accepted a resolution that was put forward by two small Christian fundamentalist parties, to allocate several hundred thousand Euros for a study into the relationship between the legalisation of prostitution and trafficking. The new Dutch sex workers organisation decided to write a letter in which it expresses its concerns about the proposed research. It considers the resolution as yet another instance of the sway that an ideologically driven movement to prohibit prostitution is currently holding over the national debate on prostitution and prostitution policy in the Netherlands. Some of the regrettable characteristics of the current prohibitionist movement are that it operates in an evidence-free environment, that it ignores good extant research on prostitution and prostitution policy, and that it cloaks ideological positions in the mantle of science. The resolution, as the letter makes clear, is an illustrative example of that. With the letter PROUD tries to restore reason and justice in the prostitution debate. The letter has been sent to members of the Dutch parliament and the media. 
With the demise of the Rode Draad in 2013, the Netherlands was de facto without a national sex workers organisation. With the combined effort of sex workers and activists a new sex workers organisation has been founded: PROUD.( PROUD has just presented itself to the world. We wish PROUD lots of success in its fight for sex worker rights.
Read the letter here.

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