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ICRSE IAC2010 LogoThe ICRSE and our network members participated at the International Aids Conference in Vienna, Austria (18-23 July). Here you will find information on some of the events and activities. Please also check out our news from AIDS2010 pages for interviews with ICRSE members and others and pictures taken during the conference and Human Rights March and Pepfar protest.

¨Hello My Name Is...and I Am a Sex Work Rights Supporter¨ Starting at the 2010 International Aids Conference in Vienna the ICRSE invites participants to shout it out and shout it loud! Hello My Name is..and I AM a sex worker rights supporter. 1000 stickers, 1000 faces, 1000 supporters go public at AIDS2010!  Visit the "Hello My Name is" project page.

Going to be in Vienna then you will find us and many of our members here in the Global Village!

ICRSE Submission Accepted to IAC2010

The submission deadline for the Global Village, abstracts, and workshops is now closed. Successful submissions will be announced in April. After this we will list information here about who from the ICRSE Network will be attending and what they will be involved in doing.

STRASS France has had their session proposal "Community run advocacy groups as a tool to fight HIV. The inclusive approach of the French sex workers' union STRASS (Syndicat du TRAvail Sexual)" accepted to IAC2010.

TAMPEP applications were accepted for:

  • NGO booth for the Global Village  Booth #660
  • Poster presentation "TAMPEP, the European Network for HIV/STI Prevention and Health Promotion among Migrant Sex Workers: a network experience on the development of targeted HIV/STI prevention measures and health promotion interventions for national, migrant and mobile sex workers in Europe".
  • Poster presentation "The need for a holistic approach to sex work, by reducing vulnerability and increasing human rights. TAMPEP, the European Network for HIV/STI Prevention and Health Promotion among Migrant Sex Workers focus on assessing the situation of sex work in Europe and on developing appropriate responses to sex workers' needs" Date of Presentation: Thursday, 22 July 2010

Tais Plus (Kyrgyzstan) was invited to make a poster presentation.

HOPS Macedonia was accepted for a poster presentation.

PION Norway has made an abstract submission: "The Nordic Legal Model: prostitution policy reform and its impact on sex workers’ health and rights." If accepted this abstract will be presented by Pye Jakobsson, Rose Alliance, Sweden, and Astrid Renland, PION, Norway.

Accepted: Booth #656
LEFOE Austria has had their application accepted for an Global Village: NGO exhibition booth - "Sex workers lust for… their rights!" Network of sex work projects in Austria. This will be implemented in cooperation with our national and regional networks and partners.

Accepted: Also at the ICRSE NGO Booth on 20 July am. Booth #653
Harriet Langanke of Redaktion Sexsicher Germany will be coordinating the twinning project and will engage in the Women’s Networking Zone. She is also planning to report back from the congress

Accepted: Booth #653
The ICRSE has had their proposal accepted for an NGO booth in the Global Village. "Only Rights can Stop the Wrongs: the ICRSE Network and sex worker rights across Europe", activity type: Exhibition booth. The booth is intended to provide space for our members and our global partners to highlight their organisation activities and to:

  • Promote the Sex Workers in Europe Manifesto and the Declaration on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe.
  • Highlight and present achievements of ICRSE network collaborations
  • Share general information about the ICRSE network and membership.


Local Partner News

The nswp conference team is collaborating with local partners in Austria in preparation for the IAC 2010 conference. A pre-meeting will take place on 17 July, 2010 and other activities are being discussed. is an online forum for sex workers and allies. It is based in Austria and provides information mainly in German. Here is their link for the International Aids Conference Sexworker-Forum on VAC 2010 Vienna:

Sex Work Pre-Meeting

PRE-MEETING for sex workers and allies

UPDATE: The Pre-Meeting agenda has been published.


The pre-meeting is a safe space for sex workers and sex worker rights activists from all five regions to meet and share experiences. It will be an exciting opportunity to meet NSWP members from around the world and to hear about the challenges and successes in the different regions. It will also provide an opportunity for us to finalise and coordinate the sex work activities and interventions during the conference – ensuring the visibility of sex workers’ voices and issues during the International AIDS Conference.

IAC 2010 Dates

17 July 2010
- Pre-meeting for sex workers & allies

  • 18-23 July 2010 CONFERENCE

Curious Sex Worker's Guide

The Curious Sex Workers Guide

The IAC 2010 in Vienna

Rights Here, Right Now
The 18th International AIDS Conference, which will take place in Vienna, Austria, from the 18th to the 23rd of July 2010, will have as central theme the promotion and protection of human rights as a prerequisite to a successful response to HIV/AIDS.

Its motto Rights Here, Right Now emphasises the right to dignity and self-determination, to equal access to health care and to life-saving health programmes.

Being 2010 the deadline world leaders set for providing universal access to HIV prevention, care and treatment, Rights Here, Right Now is a call for leadership and urgent action.

The IAC 2010 will therefore be a platform for sex workers from around the world to bring up their issues and needs regarding HIV/AIDS and sex work. NSWP is adopting the theme Only Rights can Stop the Wrongs.

The IAC 2008 in Mexico

Sex workers are not the problem; we are part of the solution
At the IAC 2008 in Mexico, sex workers had a strong and powerful presence and made their voices heard.
In plenary - Elena Reynaga, from Argentina, executive secretary of RedTraSex, the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Female Sex Workers, called for the full recognition of sex workers’ rights and for the strengthening of sex workers organisations to develop and implement effective HIV/AIDS programmes rooted in the realities of their lives.

  • The fashion of DASPU – DAVIDA, a sex worker organisation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, created the label DASPU, which comes from “das putas/from prostitutes”. The fashion show was a massive event at the main stage at the Global Village. The clothes that the models, sex workers and allies, wore with great pride were colourful and daring.
  • On panels – During the “Sex Work, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS” panel in the networking zone, the discussion challenged the negative way some international documents portray sex work, by equating it with trafficking and slavery, and the damaging consequences for sex workers’ labour situation.
  • Award for APNSW – The Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers won the “Award for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights 2008” at the IAC 2008. It recognised the extraordinary contribution of APNSW in the struggle for sex workers’ rights.
  • March against Stigma, Discrimination and Homophobia – Sex workers from around the world participated in advocacy activities related to human rights and HIV/AIDS.
Why attend the IAC 2010

Sex workers have to participate in the design, implementation and evaluation of policies

The strong participation of sex workers during the IAC 2008 in Mexico is an example that advocacy work for sex workers can happen in many different contexts, around the world.
The IAC 2010 is not a sex workers’ conference but gives us an opportunity for sex workers from all over the world to discuss human rights in the context of HIV/AIDS. It will give sex workers the possibility to raise issues that are relevant for them, to participate and to get involved in discussions.
Use the opportunity to meet with colleagues fellow activists and sex workers from around the world, exchange and share your experiences, influence politicians and decision makers, make your issues heard, stand up and raise your voice, make a video, write about it, learn from others, teach others, dance and celebrate, be part of the global movement, be an expert, be connected, be empowered.

Let the IAC 2010 be one more platform for sex workers’ voices to be heard worldwide.

  • Sex workers pre-meeting – NSWP will organise a pre-meeting for sex workers and allies one day before the beginning of the Conference. The aim of the pre-meeting is to provide an informal space for planning priorities and activities for the actual conference. The pre-meeting will be organised by a Planning Committee composed of representatives from regional networks. More info on the pre-meeting will be online soon!
  • Human Rights March, Concert, Sex Workers Activities – The IAC 2010 explicitly uses a human rights theme, highlighting the role of human rights in the response to HIV/AIDS. A number of activities are planned by the conference organisers, among others a march in the centre of Vienna which will end with a concert. Both will take place on the evening of 20 July. We will also organise a sex workers march and other sex workers activities – look out for more info on this soon!
How to get involved

Sex workers rights are human rights

Apply and participate! There are different possibilities to getting involved in the Conference. Make a submission for an abstract in one of the conference tracks, for a workshop or a Global Village activity. Apply for a scholarship.
You can submit

  • an abstract in one of the conference tracks (areas)
  • a Workshop proposal
  • a Global Village activity

Abstracts – half of all Conference sessions will be abstract-driven. Submit an abstract of a maximum of 300 words, in which you describe e.g. a study, a research, an activity, a project, a campaign, training, a programme. The abstracts selected are chosen for one of the following modalities:

  • 10 minutes oral presentations at one of the oral abstract sessions
  • a poster presentation
  • a poster exhibition
  • inclusion in the CD-Rom given to all delegates
  • inclusion in the Conference catalogue
  • If you want to present a scientific/academic research, your abstract has to be broken down into: background, methods, results, conclusions.
  • If you want to present an issue, a programme or policy results, your abstract has to be broken down into: issues, description, lessons learned, recommendations.


  • Before submitting your abstract, read carefully PART II step-by-step on how to structure and write an abstract.
  • If you need support for writing your abstract, please contact us at iac [at] nswp [dot] org and we can introduce you to a regional contact person who will help you.
  • In case your abstract is accepted it does not mean that you will automatically receive a scholarship but it can help your chances to get one.
  • To apply for an abstract you must first create a conference profile. Abstracts can only be submitted online under



Global Village – The Global Village is an exhibition space for NGOs and grassroots organisations, an international gathering place to display information, highlight cultural and community issues, and activities like theatre, films and videos. It is open to delegates and the general public.

There will be different types of spaces in the Global Village:

  • Global Village Sessions: panel discussions, debates and presentations.
  • Networking Zones: spaces for groups focused on particular communities or geographical regions. The NSWP will apply for a Sex Workers Networking Zone. It will be an information and exchange point for sex worker organisations from around the world as well as a space for events and presentations, including showing videos.
  • Main Stage: space for live performances of music, dance and theatre. APNSW (Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers) will apply for a live performance session. There are no scholarships for cultural events!
  • Video and ICT Lounge: space to screen videos and documentaries. APNSW will apply for a video session, and will try to collate videos from all over the world, to present a global picture.
  • Literary Lounge: place for live readings and literature reviews.
  • NGO Booths: a place for NGOs to promote their work. ICRSE (International Committee on the Rights of Sex workers in Europe) will apply for a booth.
  • Marketplace Booths: a place for NGOs to sell their products to generate income. NSWP and SWAN (Sex Worker Advocacy Network in Eastern Europe and Central Asia) will apply for booths that will hopefully provide space for all sex worker organisations.
  • Art Exhibitions: space to exhibit sculptures, installations, photos and paintings. APNSW will apply for an exhibition space that we hope everyone will contribute to.
  • Community Dialogue Space: place for delegates and the general public to engage with community-based organisations.
  • Youth Pavilion: networking place for young people.
How to get to Vienna

The criminalisation of sex work is an obstacle to fight HIV

  • Visa – Austria is a Schengen Treaty country within the European Union (EU). Travellers will need a valid passport or identity card, and may need a visa. Applications for a visa can take time. Therefore, apply as early as possible for one, by contacting the Austrian Embassy or an Austrian Consulate in your country. If there is no Austrian representation in your country contact any other Schengen country Embassy or Consulate.
    • See list of countries that need a visa, visas rules and conditions under PART II step-by-step

In order to get a visa you MUST have:

  • A fully paid health travel insurance that covers medical treatment in Austria.
  • A fully paid return air ticket.
  • A pre-paid accommodation.
  • Even if you get a conference scholarship you cannot apply for a visa unless you have those three items fully paid.
  • If your visa is refused because the visa application was made too late or was incomplete, the registration fee will not be refunded!

  • Flights – Try to book your flight as soon as possible, in order to get a low cost flight.
  • Accommodations - Try to book your accommodation as soon as possible, in order to get low cost accommodation. Vienna is well served with hostels, pensions and hotels of different categories. However, do not forget that Vienna is a very touristic city and that the IAC 2010 is expecting about 25.000 visitors!
The Partners

Only rights can stop the wrongs

The following networks and organisations are partners in coordinating the participation and activities of and for sex workers at the IAC 2010 in Vienna.

  • NSWP (Global Network of Sex Work Projects)
  • ICRSE (International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe)
  • SWAN (Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia)
  • LEFÖ/TAMPEP Austria (Counselling and Education Centre for Migrant Women/Support for Migrant Sex Workers), based in Vienna, is the local NSWP partner.

Registrations, Submissions, scholarship applications

All registrations, submissions and scholarship applications have to be done online through the conference website:

  • Sign-up for an online “Conference Profile”
    To create an account, go to and chose “MY conference profile” from the link list on the left. You must enter your personal data (including your passport number for visa and scholarship applications and organisational details to submit an abstract). Once you set up a “conference profile”, you can access the various areas (registration, submissions, scholarship applications) and familiarise yourself with the system. Do this as soon as possible! Many steps require additional documents. You might not be able to finish this in one session.
  • Register for the conference
    The sooner you register, the less you pay! Additional fees apply to registrations after 24 February 2010. Depending on the country of residence, different registration fees apply (“high-income countries”, “middle/low-income countries”). There are various types of registration: as regular delegate; as student, post-doc or youth delegate (with proof of fulltime enrolment at a recognised university; youth delegates aged 18 to 26 with proof of age); as media representative (for a limited number of applicants and with proof of accreditation only).
  • Put in a submission
    You can submit an abstract, a workshop proposal or a Global Village activity. Making an abstract or workshop submission not only increases your chances of having a scholarship application approved but also ensures the inclusion of sex work issues at the conference.

To submit an abstract
An abstract can focus on an analysis of priority issues of your work, on a critical study that you conducted or an evaluation of policies and programmes. In 300 words. Look at the conference objectives and see how what you want to say fits in the abstract format. Check how your abstract links to the theme of the conference (“Rights Here, Right Now”), to the 2010 deadline for providing universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support and to the sex workers rights theme “Only Rights can Stop the Wrongs”. You can submit abstracts in one of the 6 conference tracks (they are each divided into numerous sub-tracks, you can access the whole list through your Conference Profile):
Track A - Basic Sciences
Track B - Clinical Sciences
Track C - Epidemiology and Prevention Sciences
Track D - Social and Behavioural Sciences
Track E - Economics, Operations Research, Care and Health Systems
Track F - Policy, Law, human Rights and Political Sciences

Think about which track (and sub-track) you want to file your abstract under. It is important to not only focus on the “obvious” tracks (D and F) but to also put in applications in other areas. The wider we look with submissions, the more coverage of sex workers issues there will be and the more abstracts are likely to be accepted.
While it is important to highlight the negative impact of legal frameworks on the human rights of sex workers, you might also want to talk about “Epidemiology and Prevention Sciences” (Track C) and what they mean to sex workers.
Track E will also evaluate the impact of HIV programmes. What does the community desire as outcomes? How was the health system used successfully by sex workers? Can you provide a community driven evaluation? Did you do a project that focuses on whether sex workers can actually access condoms?
Try to think outside the usual “box” and, if possible, give positive examples so that others can learn from you!

To submit a workshop proposal
You can submit a workshop proposal through your conference profile. The goal of the workshops will be to teach specific skills or strategies to delegates. They are of 90 or 180 minutes sessions and must be linked to one of the track issues. There are three types (professional, leadership and community development) and three levels of workshops (foundation, intermediate and advanced).

To submit a Global Village activity
The Global Village is a diverse and vibrant space where communities gathers from all over the world to meet, share and learn from each other. The Global Village promotes networking and provides a space for displays, discussions and performances from throughout the world. The Global Village is open to the general public and conference delegates and admission is free.

Application is made through your conference profile. You can apply for:

  • An NGO exhibition booth - will be provided for selected NGOs, AIDS service organisations and grassroots, community-based organisations to display materials and share their work, programming, resources, strategies and other related information (6 square meters)
  • A marketplace booth - provides space for organisations to raise awareness of their programming and efforts while allowing HIV-related projects to fundraise by selling their products (4 square meters)
  • A networking zone - a space for local and international groups focused on particular populations or geographic regions where groups can meet and conduct their own activities, engage with delegates and the public visiting the Global Village (60 square meters)
  • A Global Village session - workshop, debate, presentation with questions and answers or panel discussion
  • A cultural activity - life performance, art exhibition or screening

  • If you apply for a booth or an activity, please let us know!
  • The NSWP will apply for a global sex worker’s networking area and marketplace booth.
  • We will try to have all the sex worker booths close together and near the sex worker’s networking area.
  • In the networking area, we can have our own displays and activities, show videos and have small workshops. It will also serve as a meeting and information point and as a space to exchange and to energise!

What kind of support is available
  • A lot of very useful information, including a toolkit on preparing abstracts in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, is available through the conference website.
  • The regional abstract support groups will help you with finalising your submission. You need to have a basic draft of what it is you want to present. The regional abstract support persons will help you through the process and might also be able to support you with translations. Get in touch with us (iac [at] nswp [dot] org) for a list of abstract supporters.
  • We are trying to organise English editing support for submissions that are already drafted in English and need language editing only. Contact us at iac [at] nswp [dot] org.
  • The conference runs an abstract mentor programme that provides you with support from more experienced abstract submitters, if you already have a final draft. Information about this is available on the conference website

Watch out for regular updates on the NSWP at IAC tab above or on the NSWP-website!


The NSWP has established a conference team to help sex workers and advocates participate more effectively in the conference. Please see the special pages on the website concerning the International Aids Conference in Vienna 2010

NSWP Report on AIDS2010 - Smart Guide

From 18-23 July 2010, the 18th International AIDS Conference took place in Vienna, Austria - with a strong presence and visibility of sex workers. Through a number of booths, a big networking zone, presentations, film screenings and performances, on panels, in plenary and at protests - and with the ever present red umbrella - sex workers and their allies demanded that funders, policy makers, researchers, and other organisations recognise and support the human rights of sex workers.

To those of you who were present, the "Smart Sex Workers Guide" comes as a memory and summary of the NSWP pre-meeting for sex workers and allies and the sex work related activities at the conference. To those who could not attend, we hope this will be an informative overview and useful tool for further strategising.

Sex Work & HIV/AIDS - NSWP Roadmap

The NSWP have produced an excellent "sex work & HIV/AIDS - NSWP Roadmap" guide to what is happening at the conference involving sex work. Information is listed for each day and covers Conference sessions, Global Village activities, Poster presentations, cultural events and more.

A brief explanation about the roadmap:

CONF: Activities marked with "CONF" are part of the conference and as such accessible only to registered delegates. Do you want to attend one of these sessions? Ask another network member if you can use their registration pass.

GV: Activities marked with "GV" take place in the Global Village and are accessible to all free of charge. They might take place on the main stage or in one of the session rooms.

NETWORKING ZONE | GV: These activities take place in the NSWP networking zone in the Global Village. They are accessible to all and free of charge and in general, an interesting place to be.

NSWP Planning Committee

The NSWP's Initial Planning Committee for the International AIDS Conference 2010.

Below is a list of NSWP member representatives volunteering from each region and contributing their time along with your support to make AIDS2010 a great, memorable, fun, successful and significant event and experience for sex workers and sex workers' rights activists from around the world.

This group will work with the NSWP and their regional members leading up to the conference to help develop programme activities, actions, networking opportunities and advocacy strategies.

Initial Planning Committee members:


  • Camille Anoma, Clinique Confiance
  • Tiéméle Antoinette, Clinique Confiance
  • Alphonse Mihigo, ALCIS
  • for language support: Sylvia Mollet, DANAYA SO
  • members of the anglophone African network to be confirmed

Asia Pacific:

  • Marisa Ingleton, Scarlet Alliance
  • Dale Kongmont, APNSW
  • interim member: Andrew Hunter


  • Pia Covre, TAMPEP
  • Petra Timmermans, ICRSE
  • Martin Karadafov, SWAN

Latin America:

  • Friederike Strack, DAVIDA
  • Gabriela Leite, DAVIDA
  • Alejandra Gil, APROASE
  • Cynthia Navarrete, APROASE


  • Melissa Ditmore, NA NSWP
  • to be confirmed: Jenn Clamen

Sex worker rights logos for the International Aids Conferences

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