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France - STRASS meets with MP Chantel Brunel

Wednesday on the 17th of February, STRASS met Chantal Brunel (1), MP for UMP in Seine-et-Marne to talk about her commitment through her amendment for the repeal of soliciting's criminalisation in the bill designed to combat violence against women which will be on the agenda of the National Assembly on February 25. This amendment seeks to repeal section 42 of the LSI (Law on Internal Security) in 2003.

Madame Brunel joined STRASS in its negative assessment of the LSI in the fight against trafficking in women and the working conditions of sex workers. She assured us of her determination to defend the interests and stakes of such an amendment, despite the difficulties that such a proposal will meet on February 25 at the next National Assembly. During this presentation, Ms. Brunel will remind MPs that no study has been conducted during the six years of operation, despite Nicolas Sarkozy's promises.

On this occasion the STRASS reiterated its desire to see:

  • Repealed the law on internal security
  • Repealed the ordinance of 1960, which classifies sex workers among social misfits
  • Compliance with the fundamental freedoms of sex workers

Spokeswoman: Tiphaine Besnard 06 62 85 53 62

(1) Note: Ms. Chantal Brunel Vice-President of the Special Committee to review the draft law strengthening the protection of victims and the prevention and punishment of violence against women

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