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Kumjing of Empower travels to New York!

Kumjing of Empower Thailand is on her way to New York on her first unaccompanied journey!

"On March 8,2004 EMPOWER Foundation launch the project 'Labour Sans Frontieres', over one hundred of paper mache dolls, representing immigrant labours, were brought to Bangkok for it's first public installation. The paper mache dolls were made by immigrants women at EMPOWER center in Maesai, a small border town of Changrai province in the north of Thailand. The doll represented dreams of those who made them, One of their dreams is to come to Bangkok.

After the first public display at democracy monument,then later, more than 250 dolls were installed at XV international AIDS Conference in Bangkok,July 2004. Since then Kumjing has travelled around the world spreading the message of rights and dreams "...dreams that one day this earth will have no borders." (quoted from the Journey of Kumjing)

Kumjing will be exhibiting from February to 31 March 2010 at the Ana Tzarev gallery in New York, USA.

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