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Paris Manifestation for the Rights of Sex Workers 2010 - update

This year's conference took place in le Sénat in Paris and it included a full day of panel discussions on topics of sex work and the Internet, the criminalisation of clients and the debate around re-establishing a brothel system in France. Participants included female, male and transgender sex worker activists, ally activists, politicians and others from across France and also representatives from Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The always fabulous traditional Pute Pride street manifestation took place after the conference. Proudly taking over the street, the crowd wended its way through the streets of Paris in beautiful vibrant glory with banners, red umbrellas and chanted slogans.

A sample from the press:

Richard Yung sénateur est venu aux assises de la prostitution enn France  sur le blog de Richard Yung

Manifestation à Paris pour réclamer des droits sociaux pour les prostituées
Reportage “Assises de la prostitution et Pute Pride” au JT de France 2
Les prostitués dans la rue à Paris
Les prostituées manifestent contre les lois pénalisant le racolage

Image slide show on Flickr by photographer Tatif

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