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SPOTLIGHT: UKNSWP information for sex workers

Many of our visitors are familiar with the Resources 4 Sex Workers project which the ICRSE and TAMPEP collaborated on and produced in 2008. This is a small website highlighting a "collection of resources to further the health and rights of sex workers... drawn from actions and tools developed across Europe which have been used in sex workers' rights advocacy campaigns," (with Russian and French translation.)

ICRSE member organisation UKNSWP has also produced a great series of downloadable booklets for sex workers that were published in 2009 and which are available from their website.

"Directory of services for sex worekrs and other sex worker resources"
This is a UK directory listing of projects "committed to promoting the health of sex workers."So if you need to direct someone involved in sex work to a local support service, or you are involved in sex work and want to contact your local project this will be useful.

“Keeping Safe: Safety Advice for Sex Workers in the UK"
"This booklet has been written for women, men and transgender people working in the UK sex industry. It contains information and advice about keeping safe when working, whether on the streets, in establishments, in your own working flat/home, or escorting to homes or hotels.¨

"Sorted Men: A Guide to Selling  Sex”
"this booklet for men working in the adult entertainment and sex industry. It gives information and guidance to help you stay safe, be informed and know your rights."

While these guides do have a UK focus some of the information will be relevant for sex workers working in other countries or may give you some good tips on how you might produce your own guides for sex workers in your country.

The UK NSWP is a not for profit,  non governmental,  charitable organisation which provides an umbrella to which projects and individuals who provide support services to sex workers in the UK can affiliate. UK NSWP enables networking and the sharing of good practice between sex work support projects.   The UK NSWP aims to; “promote the health, safety, civil and human rights of sex workers, including their rights to live free from violence, intimidation, coercion or exploitation; to engage in the work as safely as possible; and to receive high quality health and other services in conditions of trust and confidentiality, without discrimination”.
The UKNSWP recognises and supports, the rights of individual sex workers to self-determination. This includes the right to remain in sex work or leave sex work.

And there is also some great information for those who provide services to sex workers.

On the UKNSWP website are also a series of GOOD PRACTICE GUIDANCE: “Working With Sex Workers”

In June 2008 the UKNSWP completed a Big Lottery funded program of activities amongst other things these included  5 sets of good practice guidance under the umbrella “Working With Sex Workers” on the topics of:

  • Outreach
  • Ugly Mugs/Dodgy Punters
  • Working with Migrant Sex Workers
  • Working with Male Sex & Transgender Sex Workers
  • Exiting

All sets of good practice guidance  can be downloaded from the UKNSWP website,

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