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STAR members Laura and Tina Rock!


1 April is a special day in Macedonia where people play jokes on one another and there are public concerts and events held in the city centers. This year STAR Macedonia members Laura and Tina had some fun of their own; in a surprise campaign for sex worker rights.

Taking advantage of the crowds and media gathered for the very popular group Non-Stop Laura and Tina dressed in their best and marched through the crowds with slogans: "Bad Law not Bad Whore!" and "Love the Prostitute, fuck the police". They even managed to pass through security at the concert, and got permission from the musical group to go-go dance on stage with their signs!

When they were on stage, Laura and Tina raised the slogans, so the general public and reporters could clearly see and read them during one of the songs, the crowd responded with enthusiasm. Both activists say the reactions were positive.

Later Laura and Tina even managed to have their picture taken with the police.

You go Laura and Tina! and STAR Macedonia.

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