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Call for participants: ICRSE programme on sex work, migration, exploitation and trafficking

Call for participants

In Europe and Central Asia, migrant sex workers are particularly at risk of exploitation and abuse. Criminalisation of sex work and migration create conditions of vulnerabilities for sex workers and impunity for those willing to exploit or abuse them. The conflation of sex work and trafficking also limits sex workers’ capacities to self-organise and access justice and rights.

Violence, criminalisation, deportation, inability to access justice and lack of access to healthcare and social services are some of the issues faced by migrant sex workers’ communities in our region. However, migrant sex workers and their organisations are resisting those legal and social oppressions and are organising for their rights. To support this self-organisation and to advocate for the realisation of migrant sex workers’ rights and those trafficked in the sex industry, ICRSE is proud to inaugurate a new two-year programme titled ‘empowering (migrant) sex workers to tackle exploitation and trafficking in the sex industry’. This programme is possible thanks to a grant from Oak Foundation.

ICRSE is inviting its members – in particular sex worker-led organisations – to apply for participation in our new programme.

The aim of the project is two-fold:

  1. Building capacities of sex workers’ rights organisations in addressing exploitation and trafficking in the sex industry

  2. Advocating for the rights of (migrant) sex workers and people trafficked in the sex industry at national and European level

This project will strengthen the evidence base needed for national, regional and international advocacy on sex workers’ rights and sustain sex workers’ rights organisation in Europe and Central Asia in tackling abuse and exploitation in the sex industry.

Partnership with ICRSE members:

ICRSE will work in close partnership with up to 10 organisation members of ICRSE.

Each organisations will be granted a fund of up to 8,000 EURO to participate in the project.

Criteria for selection:

  • Membership of ICRSE

  • Ability to manage small grant and ensure financial and narrative reporting

  • Previous work or interest in working on the topics of migration and exploitation

  • Inclusion of migrant sex workers

  • Geographical diversity

  • Ability to participate in two regional convenings (initially planned for March/April 2019 and June/July 2020)

  • Ability to work with ICRSE team in collecting evidence and data on sex work, migration, exploitation and trafficking

  • Good connection and working relation with local NGOs working in the fields of sex work, migration, labour, trafficking and related issues.

Selected members will work closely with ICRSE team in developing a budget for national activities and will participate in two regional Convenings (March 2019 - June 2020; dates and place to be confirmed).

National activity will include coordination of a national training on migration, sex work and exploitation and advocacy with national institutions and policy makers.

The working language for the project will be English.


November 13th: Calls open for application

December 5th: Application deadline

December 12th: Selection of organisations to participate in project

March/April 2019: Regional convening with participants

June/July 2020: Closing regional convening with participants

2019-2020: Production and development of advocacy resources (briefing papers, videos, toolkit) with members participants and participation in key events at national and European level.

To apply for the programme please fill the survey available here:

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