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European Elections: ICRSE Endorse Call to Action from CoalitionPLUS Platform Europe

Europe for Health : 47 organisations call upon the future Members of the European Parliament #EUR4health


Viral infections  know no borders. Because the HIV epidemic is still highly active and the hepatitis C virus is wreaking havoc in Europe, it is time for the European Union to assume a leading role with member states and neighbouring countries in organizing a coordinated and effective response across the region, involving stakeholders, civil society, health care providers and policy makers. 

Coalition PLUS’ European Platform and the signatory organisations call upon the future Members of the European Parliament to build a Europe for health without AIDS nor hepatitis by 2030[1]

The European situation in regard to major epidemics remains very worrying[2]: 160,000 people were diagnosed with HIV in 2017, of these 53% were in advanced stages of infection. The pandemic is the most active in Central and Eastern Europe. This part of Europe accounts for 80% of new HIV infections.

More ignored still, hepatitis C which attacks the liver kills 112,500 people[3] every year in the region. However, effective treatment exists that can cure it. 

In a call to action for a Europe for Heath [#EUR4health], released today in 4 languages (EnglishFrenchPortugese and Romanian) and signed by 47 NGOs and CSOs, we ask the future Members of the European Parliament and the all the institutions of the European Union :  

  • To increase its development aid through an increased contribution to the Global Fund to  fight HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and through the establishment and allocation to health of the Financial Transaction Tax,
  • To implement a migration policy respectful of people, including  appropriate health care issues,
  • To make its drug policy respectful of the health and rights of consumers,
  • To ensure the transparent and fair pricing of medicines so that all citizens of Europe can access medicines without discrimination due to their  financial means or those of their national health system.

MEDIA CONTACT : Camille Sarret, csarret [at] coalitionplus [dot] org (csarret [at] coalitionplus [dot] org), +33 7 7 81 73 34 77

Coalition PLUS European Platform

Coordinated by the community-based organization AIDES in France and bringing together 3 other community-based organisations (GAT in Portugal, ARAS in Romania, Groupe Sida Genève in Switzerland), the European Platform is one of the 6 regional platforms coordinated by Coalition PLUS, an international coalition of community-based organizations fighting AIDS and viral hepatitis. It aims to collectively adress challenges that still raise questions in the European Union and neighbouring countries, including inequalities in access to rights and to health. Each of its members works directly with other local and European partners. More informations on our website.

[1] Ending HIV and hepatitis epidemics by 2030 is the third sustainable development goal set for 2015 by UN member states.

[2] The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control:

[3] The World Health Organization:



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