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job opportunity at ICRSE: Migration Officer

The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) is looking for a new Migration Officer to join our team.

Deadline for application is Friday 21 September 2018 (23:59 CET).

Full completed Application Pack must be sent to admin [at] sexworkeurope [dot] org

Download Terms of Reference and Application Pack.


About ICRSE:

ICRSE is a sex worker-led network of more than 100 organisations in 31 countries in Europe and Central Asia.

ICRSE’s vision is of a world where sex work is recognised as work; where all sex workers are respected and their rights are upheld; and where gender, racial, social and economic equality and freedom of movement are a reality enabling individuals to start, continue or leave sex work safely, and free from violence and coercion.


About the job:

The post holder will be mostly responsible for coordinating ICRSE’s new programme on ‘“Building the capacities of sex workers to document and tackle exploitation and abuse of migrant sex workers and people trafficked for or within the sex industry in Europe”.

The project aims to empower sex workers and their organisations, who have been historically left out from the European anti-trafficking movement due to ideological and structural reasons, to become an active part of the response to trafficking and exploitation in the sex industry by building the capacities of sex worker-led organisations and advocating for the inclusion of sex workers’ groups in the fight against trafficking and exploitation. ICRSE programmes include regranting, capacity building, public event organising and advocacy activities.

The post holder will ensure effective coordination with project partners and implementation of project activities (e.g.  regranting, events, trainings, development of resources etc.) and provide direct capacity-building and movement-building support to sex workers’ organisations.

The post holder will also represent ICRSE at meetings and events at national and European level, maintain or develop partnerships and coalitions with other NGOs, allies of the sex workers’ movement and other relevant stakeholders and contribute to the other fields of work such as advocacy, communication and documentation.

ICRSE is led by sex workers and the majority of decision-making lies with women and trans people. ICRSE believes that direct experience of sex work, and being able to speak publicly about it is a crucial element in our advocacy work. We also recognise that stigmatisation and criminalisation negatively impact sex workers, in particular migrant sex workers and our abaility to speak publicly. ICRSE strongly encourage migrant, BPOC, women and trans sex workers to apply for the post.

ICRSE is also committed to building a movement led by sex workers and will aim to build capacities of the post holder where and if necessary.

The post holder will be working as a self-employed consultant and will ideally based in Brussels or another European capital. The post will include frequent travels within Europe.

The post is for two years (October 2018-September 2020) with one month and three months probation periods (October-December 2018).

Candidates should be strongly committed to sex workers’ and migrants’ rights and have competencies and demonstrated experience in:

  • capacity building of sex workers’ rights organisations and movements, including empowerment of NGOs and other actors to advocate for the advancement of migrants’ and sex workers’ rights,
  • developing and conducting advocacy initiatives or campaigns at national, regional or international levels,
  • building alliances and coalitions to support advocacy and policy development.

Qualifications, experience and other requirements are:

  • Excellent communication skills (writing and presentation), including a good standard of written and spoken English and another language
  • Strong analytical, strategising and advocacy skills
  • Ability to think creatively about how social, legal and political change can be achieved
  • Demonstrated understanding of movement building and the process of social change, including through capacity building activities
  • Demonstrated understanding of issues faced by migrant sex workers and national, European and international policy landscape on trafficking and how it impacts migrant sex workers
  • Demonstrated capacity to adapt to rapidly changing and challenging environments
  • Self-organisation skills, and ability to follow-up in time and to multitask
  • Ability to work in a multicultural and diverse environment and maintain excellent working relationships
  • Experience in coordinating projects, including with budget and time management, as well as with project planning and reporting (desirable)

Useful additional experience/knowledge could include:

  • Experience of working in/being engaged in an NGO and/or another human rights institution  
  • A solid knowledge of European level policy-making processes


Fee:  Part time at 1500 EURO/month

Closing date for receipt of applications: Friday 21 September 2018 (23:59 CET).

Send your Application Pack to admin@sexworkeurope. CVs will not be considered.



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