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Launch of ICRSE's new advocacy documentary: CROSSINGS - STORIES OF MIGRANT SEX WORKERS

On Zero Discrimination Day, the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) is excited to inform you about the launch of its new advocacy documentary: CROSSINGS - STORIES OF MIGRANT SEX WORKERS.
Watch the trailer and get to know more on the movie's website:
Crossings is a sex-worker produced documentary about the effects of discriminatory laws and policies on migrant sex workers in Europe and the powerful ways of their resistance. The film was produced by sex worker rights organisations from 5 European countries, namely Serbia, Macedonia, France, Spain and Norway during 2017-2018 and tells the stories of 5 migrant sex workers living and working in these countries. The protagonists of the movie come from very diverse backgrounds but have something in common - all of them are migrants who sell sex. By sharing their experiences as women, men, migrants, LGBT people, single mothers, Muslims, Roma and sex workers, they challenge the sensationalist portrayal of all sex workers as “prostituted women” and “trafficking victims".

The movie so far has been screened at the SNAP Festival in Paris, France, at a Red Edition community event on 17 December 2018 and this week in Brussels, Belgium. Our hope is that organising screenings and inviting community members, allies, civil society organisations and policy makers to these events will contribute to challenging the conflation of sex work and trafficking and spark discussions on the needs and demands of migrant sex workers.

We would be delighted if you organised a screening in your local context. If you are interested, please send an email to us: info [at] sexworkeurope [dot] org

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