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Supporting our members: ICRSE and Red Edition holds a strategic planning meeting in Vienna

In April ICRSE facilitated a 5 day-long Strategic Planning meeting with ICRSE member organisation Red Edition in Vienna, Austria. Red Edition is a migrant, sex worker-led organisation focusing mainly on intersection of sex work and migration. It was founded to create a support network for migrant sex workers in Austria while advocating for their rights.

The training included brainstorming sessions on strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, threats and opportunities at the political and cultural levels in Austria, building alliances and defining the group’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives.

Cocoa: “Strategic Planning together was a very good experience. It was a chance to learn about how to take our ideas and create a roadmap for action and change. It was also a chance to build ourselves up as a team and learn from each others’ ideas and experiences. On the last day, I cried because because I felt really close to the other members.”

Darin: “This Strategic Planning meeting was very productive and useful for our group. We talked about diverse topics such as how to organise migrant sex workers in a safer way, how to develop strategies when advocating for access to health services for sex workers, safety at work and more. After this meeting we are clearer on which ways we will follow in the future in our organisation.”

Trajche: “During these 5 days of our first Strategic Planning meeting we learned about a lot of ways to advocate for our rights and fighting against stigma and discrimination. There are many tools that NGOs use to campaign and if you want to have successful results as an activist group, Strategic Plan can be used as a roadmap for the future or as a reminder of what we want and what we need to do in next three years!”

ICRSE’s team is available to provide support for its sex worker-led members. If your organisation is interested in developing its capacities in relation Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Advocacy or any other specific issues, please contact us!


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