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Community Report on Structural Violence

ICRSE is proud to publish its first Sex Workers' Community Report. Community Reports aims to give an overview of the issues faced by for sex workers in Europe and Central Asia; define key-concepts that frame sex workers' experiences and lives and offer advocacy and activism suggestions. The Community reports are developed with our community, through interviews, focus groups and documents analysis and are aimed at ICRSE members, sex workers and allies, academics, policy-makers and otheer stakeholders. 

This first Community Report focuses on the issue of Structural Violence.

Violence against sex workers if often identified as inter-personal and behavioural - attacks and abuse from clients, people posing as clients, the public or the police. What is frequently made invisible is that sex workers’ safety, life and wellbeing is also severely affected by unjust and violent structural arrangements that manifest themselves in stigma, silencing and misrepresentation of sex workers, criminalisation, or institutional oppression.

This Community Report aims to offer an overview of the structural violence faced by sex workers in our region. It also provides suggestions for challenging such violence in order to build a society where the lives, livelihoods and rights of sex workers are respected and protected.

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