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Sex Work & Media

Here you will find articles about sex work and the media

Reporters Without Borders

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-DissidentsReporters Without Borders is making a new version of its Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents available to bloggers.

The handbook offers practical advice and techniques on how to create a blog, make entries and get the blog to show up in search engine results. It gives clear explanations about blogging for all those whose online freedom of expression is subject to restrictions, and it shows how to sidestep the censorship measures imposed by certain governments, with a practical example that demonstrates the use of the censorship circumvention software Tor.

The second installment of the SWAN media manuals. Fact Sheets developed by the Urban Justice Centre, tips for websites, giving interviews and more...

This Manual does not aim to cover all the aspects of advocacy for sex workers’ rights. It is only the first in a series of similar publications that HCLU hopes to publish in the years to come. It combines some general tools and techniques of working with various media – print, TV, radio...

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