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The Netherlands

The CEDAW Committee is one of the important international fora in which the debate on sex work and trafficking takes place. Writing a Shadow Report to CEDAW is one way for sex workers to participate in this debate.

The Dutch CEDAW Network (further: the Network) together with the NJCM (the Dutch section of the International Commission of Jurists) presented a shadow report on the Fourth Report by the Dutch Government on the implementation of CEDAW in 2007. This report highlights the concluding remarks of CEDAW on the Netherlands.

Prostitution policy under construction. An unauthorized representation on new developments in The Netherlands by Jan Visser, December 2008

ICRSE Network member Marjan Wijers has written a short article on sex work in the Netherlands. She briefly outlines historical events leading to decriminalisation, discusses how the sex industry is regulated, introduces findings from recent studies and provides her observations on successes and concerns coming from her experience working on these issues for many years.

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