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Abstract: Gunilla Ekberg’s account of Swedish prostitution policy is frequently referred to in debates worldwide, and it is thus forming part of the basis of knowledge upon which strategies and approaches are discussed and constructed. It is therefore of increasing importance to make an assessment of the validity of the specific assertions made in Ekberg’s article. This article is an attempt to make such an assessment.

Nederlands vertaling van An assessment of Gunilla Ekberg’s account of Swedish prostitution policy January 2007 by Vincent Clausen

By Petra Ostergren

In this article I will not deal with the complex issue of whether prostitution is socially or otherwise desirable. Rather this article seeks to document some of the experiences and opinions of female sexworkers in Sweden. I have been concerned by the fact that the very women who are at the center of prostitution policy are so rarely heard and so often feel discriminated against. If equal rights for women is important, then the experience of sexworkers themselves must surely be central to our discussion, regardless of what position one takes on prostitution.

Analyse: Le rapport de Gunilla Ekberg de la politique suédoise sur la prostitution est fréquemment pris comme référence dans les débats internationaux, et forme une part des bases de connaissances sur lesquelles s’appuient les stratégies et approches qui sont discutées et construites.

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