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World Aids Day 2014: Sex workers are part of the solution

World Aids Day 2014 -

1st of December is the World AIDS Day. 
On this occasion, ICRSE, the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe, a network organisation of more than 60 organisations in 26 countries in Western, Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia is releasing a video shot in Budapest during our first regional training on Sex work, HIV and Human Rights. This training, funded by Robert Carr Fund for Civil Society Network brought together 22 sex workers from Romania, Spain, Turkey, France, Sweden, Serbia, Spain and Ireland and focused on capacity building of sex workers in order to advocate effectively and influence the delivery of an effective HIV response to sex workers in Europe  This short video produced with the vluable support of Hungarian Civil Liberty Union features an interview with our Policy Officer Agata Dziuban.
The full video featuring statements from many of the sex workers participants in the training will be released on 17th of December, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.
"With heightened risks of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, sex workers face substantial barriers in accessing prevention, treatment, and care services, largely because of stigma, discrimination, and criminalisation in the societies in which they live. These social, legal, and economic injustices contribute to their high risk of acquiring HIV. Often driven underground by fear, sex workers encounter or face the direct risk of violence and abuse daily. Sex workers remain underserved by the global HIV response." The Lancet, July 2014
ICRSE website
SWIT (sex worker implementation tool): Implementing comprehensive HIV/STI programmes with sex workers: practical approaches from collaborative interventions
Lancet issue on HIV and sex workers
Robert Carr Fund for Civil Society Networks
Hungarian Civil Liverty Union

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